At present the activities of the Hilfskomitee are divided into three major categories:

We are organizing per year: A general meeting and a cultural convention in May, as well as regional meetings, the monthly publication of the “Blickpunkt Galizien - das Heilige Band” as well as the year book “Zeitweiser”. 

We have access to genealogical documents and a comprehensive collection of village maps and records.

We are supporting research projects for Galizien-German history and into present times, its documentation in the “Zeitweiser”, and other books on this subject. We do research in archives for church records, village records and other documents left behind.

We are in discussions with village- and town alderman about the preservation and maintenance of cultural assets left behind.


We support

In order to continue our humanitarian and social activities in the future we kindly ask you for your support in the form of a donation or by becoming a member of our organization. Thank you!

Your Galiziendeutsche - Geschichte und Erinnerungskultur e.V.

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Additional information (in German) about our aid missions in Iwano Frankiwsk in 2010 , in 2011, in 2012, May of 2012