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If you identify yourself with our aims and want to support our objectives, why don’t you just join us and become a member of our organization.

Membership application  (Annual membership fee is: € 40,00).

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Questions about applying for membership?


The Hilfkomitee der Galiziendeutschen e.V. is a registered nonprofit organization, financing its activities, tasks and projects through the donations of its members and friends. Since all executives and all other officers are working for us on a complementary basis, all donations will be directed exclusively to charitable purposes.

We would be very happy and grateful, if you might decide to support our work by a donation. 

All payments should be in Euro.

You may use the direct debt authorization (only for accounts held in Germany) or transfer to our account:


Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen e.V.

Postbank Stuttgart

BLZ: 600 100 70 Kto.-Nr.: 20470702 SWIFT/BIC: PBNKDEFF IBAN: DE93 6001 0070 0020 4707 02




Thank you very much,

Your Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen e.V.