Maps of former German colonies in Galicia,

Stand 1939

Currently, the Hilfskomitee offers 121  maps of former German settlements in Galicia. After the resettlement in 1939, former residents drew the maps from memory. Details even include the names of home owners.

The following list of maps is continually being updated and are available to order.


 List of available village maps:

(as per 5/2017)

All this 121 village maps are now available on only one DVD !







Historical photos from former German villages in Galicia, in its majority originally published in the yearbooks of the "Bund der Christlichen Deutschen" in Galicia.

More than 150 historical black and white photo frames from the years 1900 till 1918,

showing mainly newly constructed, respect. renovated
schoolbuildings, sometimes with the pupils, churches, houses, festivities, streets and groups of people.

List of available historical pictures:

More than 150 historical pictures are now available on only one DVD !





Census of the Galician-German population 1922/ 1923


"Ortsvolkszählung" (Census of population) by the

"Bund der christlichen Deutschen in Galizien" in form

of various registries.

Edited by Prof. Dr. Erich Müller and published by the

"Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen e.V."

These are registries - partly hand written - from about

70 villages.

(Copies of microfilmed documents acquired by us from the archives in Lemberg (Lviv).


All this census lists are available on CD - Please find this CD into the list of our publications 2020




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