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Family History Research


Post World War II Galician genealogy efforts began with the collection of existing family documents. Later on, pre-war copies of church records and other sources were added. During these early efforts at compiling records, all data were written on card files. In 1995, card file data were transferred to computer databases. Particularly helpful were the LDS-microfilm copies of Galician parish registers. At the moment, the database is comprised of an estimated 261,940 individuals and about 77,398 families (February 2016).


The aim of this current work is to collect genealogical data of the German minority in Galicia from multiple sources. Special emphasis is accorded to primary sources such as parish registers, tax lists etc. – in order to create a comprehensive database for scientific research.

Increased global interest in family history is evidenced by the numerous information requests from Germany, other European countries – particularly Poland – and from overseas, especially from the US and Canada. Indeed, the Hilfskomitee and the Galizien German Descendants in America have established a close, co-operative working relationship.


The following list of village family books reflects the present state of Galician German genealogy. As a work-in-progress, it will be continually updated.

List of available family books 2020


Copies of village family books you can obtain Manfred Daums's CD from the Galician German Descendants: