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To Galicia - 235 years ago

A considerable number of our Palatinian anchestors - following the call of the Emporer Josef II to Galicia - were registered immediately upon arrival Vienna by boat "the Ulmer Schachtel" in August 1785. 




By foot people continued their journey to Lemberg en Galicia...




The genealogical research of our specialist, Mr. Manfred Daum, contains in the meantime 307.209 individual persons, consolidated in 91.703 families, with more than one million single sheets (June 2020).

The total number of single sheets in the meantime can not be established again.

In so far at the moment we h ave 327 family books which you can order:

The list of our Family books 2020




Memorial plagues and a list of

monuments and memorial crosses of the former German inhabitants of Galicia. 




Memorial Stone Consecreation at former Rosenberg

On the 25th of July 2019 - exactly 80 years after the relocation - a memorial stone was consecreted at the former protestant cemetery in Rosenberg (Shchtyrets Novij) with a plaque in German, Ukranian and Polish language.

The text reminds one to the German inhabitants, living here, till their relacation in 1939 and to the cooperation of the Hilfskomitee with the German Twinning town of Shchtyrets Gudensberg, located in nothern part of the Hessian, and also with the Polish twinning town of Shchtyrets Jelcz Lascowice.

Both twinning towns with Shchtyrets had organized again an international Youth Week for a coming together in the Ukraine. Important part of the program during the week has been the restoration of the old German cemetery.

Waste has to be removed, old tombstones excavated, cleaned and se-up and inscriptions made again legible. Altogether  one can say the youth did indeed a great job!

A Greek Catholic Priest together with a Roman Catholic Priest coming from Poland consecreated our memorial stone on the 25th of July 2019 in the framework of a small but solemn ceremony.



Newsflash from the Genealogists

Mr. Bernd Serwatka, one of our genealogists. has gathered and incorporated in his private family tree the genealogical data of exactly 1.779 persones mainly from the villages Bandrow and its surroundings Bredtheim, Josefow, Konstantinowka, Reichsheim and Theodorshof.

For many persones an abstract of the event (birth, confirmation, marrige, death) and the relevant parish register is attached (for privacy reasons access restricted).

For more information please contact our talk page.



Consecreation of an memorial plague in Sitauerowka (Novalipivka) in 2018

In connection with our last year tour to Galicia a memorial plaque in German and Ukrainian was solemnly consecreated at the reconstructed little church in the former Sitauerowka.

 Important - brief - good - up to date

We are pleased to inform that the society for the history of Germans in Poland will also in 2018 support the filing of the Galician-German inventory in the Martin-Opitz-library with an amount of € 1.200.



NEW - Genealogy

The number of family books has been extended with the data of another five villages in the area of Reichsheim and Hohenbach, Poland.

Please have a look on the actual compilation of available family books. Pdf-file 2019



Galician-German Memorial 2017 newly established in Nowy Sacz, Poland

At the former German cemetery at Nowy Sacz, the tiny protestant parish set up a memorial stone together with a trilingual memorial playque in German, Polish and English language.

The memoial was solemnly inaugurated on Oct. 31th, 2017, the 500 anniversary of the Reformation Day. The Hilfskomitee supported among others this project.








Surprise in Sitauerowka

The ancient, former protestant timber church in Sitauerwoka (Kolomyja county) has been rescued short of total collapse. It has been restored within the past 5 years by the local and oafter having paneled on the outside as well as in ists interior with timber represents a real tiny juwel box. It is used by the Greece Roman Catholic parish.

Photos: Irmgard Steinmann -

rigth 2012, left 2017


Interiorly a photo documentation is displayed, and also two bible phrases at the walls in German language could be preserved.

The parish intents to set up memorial plaques at the curch as well as at the former German cemetery.

The parish greatest desire however is the acquisition and installation of an Iconostasis and is looking for respective donations.







Mr. Manfred Daum honored

Starting already 22 years ago, Mr. Manfred Daum registered genealogical data of the Germans in Galicia in a way that permitted further scientific editing. He established family books for 256 villages in Galicia where this German minority were formerly living. For this, he registered 74,400 German families with 262,000 persons and documented the list of references with more than one million supporting documents.

Please see also the laudation of Prof. Dr. Erich Müller (abridgment)
and the list of our family books 2019



The "Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen"

In a task lasting over years a small team has successfully digitalized the "Zeitweiser der Galizien-deutschen" including text as well as all pictures.

Registers are included as well, broken down to the various villages in order to provide easy access for the user

Year 1909 - 1919 compiled in one DVD

Year 1954 - 2012 compiled in three DVDs

 Introductory price Euro 15,00 each



New available on DVD: A complete digitalized set of all articles published between 1923 - 1939 in the "Evangelischen Gemeindeblatt" is close to completion. We are talking about 1.500 articles in total.

The DVD will also contain a comprehensive index which will allow the user to find on the basis of respective keywords all articles released during this period. Introductory price Euro 15,00 each





26th of March 2016

a group of engaged young people of Pidhaychyky (former Unterwalden in Galicia), UKRAINE, had tidied the old German cemetery of Unterwalden. It was a private initiative of Stanislav Klosovskyi.


Please see the pictures of: "TALK page" / Unterwalden
read the letter from Stanislav from Ukraine: "Spring cleaning Unterwalden"

We all are looking for "Godfathers" of this cemetery!


Foto: Stanislav Klosovskyi,2016



Looking for Godfathers

Cemeteries and memorial places are locations for contemplation and recollection to the history of our forefathers in Galicia. 

We are looking for "Godfathers" for the former German
cemeteries and memorial places in Galicia.(Ukraine)
More, in German only:                    

                                                                                                 Memorial in Dornfeld (Ternopillja) Ukraine




Based on the photo collection of Prof. Dr. Müller a CD has been compiled containing about 310 photographs (black and white) of the former protestant colleges in Lemberg (Lviv) till 1939.

Pictures of the buildings, gyms, teachers and classes , furthermore photos of official events and other historic pictures.

Price 15,00 Euro plus forwarding coasts.

Orders to be directed to:

The German school in Lemberg,

Photo 2012




September 13, 2015
Ceremonial inauguration of the ancient German cemetery at Bredtheim (Sedlyshe) Ukraine after the restauration.

Lemberg (Lviv) - Kolomea (Kolomyja) - Bredtheim (Sedlyshche) - Stanislau (Ivano Frankivsk) - Lemberg (Lviv)


Historic German ev. Church of Bredtheim - Foto 2014






September 20, 2014 -
Ceremonial inauguration of the ancient German cemetery at Podlesie/ Reichau (Poland). Mission completed after 7 long years. 

A memorial in commemoration of the former German inhabitants of Reichau has been installed in Lubaczow (Voivodship:Podkarpckie) as a joint project with local politicians. Therewith the restauration of the cemetery as a memorial of the Josephinian colonization from 1783 to 1940 is completed.

For the celebration - followed also by a German group - the mayer of Lubaczow, Mr. Wieslaw Kapel, invited Mrs. Isolde Iben-Metzger and Dr. Dirk Iben as representatives of the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen.

Pleas see the brief movie!


 July 2014 - Bredtheim, former German cemetery in Galicia excavated

The old cemetery of Bredtheim (Sedlyska) which was vandalized in the fifties and since then overgrown could be restored due to private initiative and with financial support by the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen e.V.





before May 2014                                                        after July 2014


For the "clean up" of further cemeteries as well as for the maintenance of our memorials in various locations in Galicia, we ask for donations.Please see pictures of Bredtheim:



June 2014 - "The 1st World War and the distress of the German minority in Galicia"

       Lecture by Prof. Dr. Erich Mueller



May 2014 - "Blickpunkt Galizien" - Das heilige Band

- a new denomination !Oper Lemberg

The historic title "Das heilige Band" - der Galiziendeutsche" was abandoned. 

However also in future we will - as in the past 65 years - preserve the

holy ribbon between our fellow countrymen, dispensed all over the

world and reflect Galicias's history and its presence in today Poland and Ukraine.

The acquisition of our periodical is included in the membership fee of

Euro 25,00 and can also be provided, if so requested, as a digital issue. (In German only).




 2014: NEW - Galician parish registers online

The archive in Warsaw brought online various Galician parish 

registers of various religious denominations, also Protestant's

from German settlements and in particular from the Roman

Catholic dioceses Lemberg, Przemysl and Luck.





2013 - Micorfilm acquired in Lviv

In 2013 the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen acquired again, as already done in the seventies, documents in form of microfilms from the Central National Historic Archive of the Ukraine (CDIAULK) in Lviv, concerning the German popoulation in Galicia. These films contain all preserved and available Roman Catholic parish registers from Drohobycz as well as a single register of the parish Felizienthal, together with Annaberg, Karlsdorf and the German "Einsiedlungen" in the neighborhood.

The acquisition was possible because of the long lasting excellent relations of Mr. Hans Christian Heinz in Lviv with the local institutions and archives. The acquisition of the valuable microfilms was financed by donations of our members and friends.



February 2014 - Videofilms/ DVDs of activities well as of journeys to Galicia in the Galician German Archive in Herne

Prof. Dr. Erich Müller informed, that he has refurbished and transferred, as far as necessary, from VHS-cassettes to DVD-Discs, multiple video films of his own stock and handed them over after they have been duly labeled to the Martin Opitz library in Herne to be kept in our archive.



September 2014 - A complete German settlement come under preservation order.

Lubacow (Poland): In Reichau (Podlesie), the former German colony, an event of historic dimension will take place on Sept. 20th, 2014. The complete German village incl. church, parsonage and cemetery will come under protection of historical heritage.

The Polish-German festivities can also be attended by a German travel group.

(Please see the corresponding announcement under "events".)



December 2013 - Showcases installed at bus stop

in momory of the German village Bronislawowka, which was completely destroyed during the war 1939 - 1945.

The showcase displace a village map together with some old photos and a brief abstract about the history of the village. 

The bus stop is lovcated exactly at the place where formerly placed at the graveyard in the neighbor village Pluhov.

(Only the overcrowded cemetery of Bronislawowka could be refurbished).




September 7th, 2013 - Solemn dedication of a memorial stone at the former German cemetery and revealment of a memorial tablet in the church of Ludwikowka (Myslivka) Ukraine

(Please read the speeches given by Alfred Wendelberger).







  July 2013 - An ancient church in Roslucz (Ukraine)
  hopes for help.
Please see report





July 2013 - Ancient plague rescued during renovation of the
school building in Dornfeld (Ternopollja):

"School building, restablished in 1822 by German settlers
 from the Pfalz, Hessen and Württemberg"



May 2013 - Ceremonial inauguration of a memorial stone
commemorative plaque

at the former protestant cemetery in Czermin-Hohenbach,

Poland (German settlement from 1783 - 1944).
Please see the report published in the Polish press:

On youtube you may watch the moovie "remembrance and conciliation".                    




October 2013 - Humanitarian aid shipment to Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanislau)

New donation of the Martin-C.Schroeder-Foundation:

This van, fabricated in 2006, was shipped to the director of the Ukraine and handed over to the "Rehabilitation Center" in Ivano Frankivsk, Mr. Maljuta.

It will be used as school bus. Plese see press report



New on offer


 2 movies on DVD

"Dornfeld 2000", Author Horst Vocht - Lentgh: 45 min.,  € 15,00

The color film describes the itinerary of our ancestors - via the Danube by means of the so called "Ulmer Schachteln" (a typical contemporary transport mean on the Danube river) to Vienna and from there further walking to Galicia.

The destiny of the Galician-Germans using Dornfeld as an example and the sonsecration of the momorial on the former prostesant cemetery on Dornfeld in 2000. Worth seeing!


"With the Germans in Galicia in 1931", Length: 22 min., € 15,00

Original silent black and white movie recorded in Galicia in 1931 commemorating the 150 year festivities of the emigration. The film was recorded in the Carpathians, in Stanislau, Dornfeld, Josefsberg and Brigidau, with comments and explanations added later on by Rudolf Mohr. The film quality is age-appropriate. A contemporary document!

Please contact us by mail.

 Historical photos from former German villages in Galicia,


Detail under Genealogy - Village maps