Galicia today

The former Galicia encompassed in its western part the south east of today’s Poland, the easterly parts were located on the territory of today’s Ukraine. Both Poland and the Ukraine are emerging nations in Europe. They are focused on the future and on industrial development. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union both countries are experiencing upheavals full of tension and unexpected consequences.

The cities of Krakow (formerly Krakau) and L`viv (formerly Lemberg) attract with a mixture of time-honored tradition and international air. Mountainous regions like the Carpathians and the Beskids with their native population, the Lemkos, Hutsuls and Ruthenians sound strange to us and raise associations shrouded in mystery of lusty nature and the legendary wisdom of earlier times.

New fotos from formerly Galician cities


Facts about Ukraine today:

Area: 603,700 qkm, (233,090 sq mi) largest state in Europe located on European territory.

Capital Kiev Population 2.6 mil.
major cities:
Charkov Population 1.6 mil.
Odessa Population 1.1 mil.
Doneck Population 1.1 mil.
L`viv (Lemberg) Population 800,000

Ukraine heute